What is Cloud VPS Hosting?

If you have a business online, it has a website which gives you new customers, profit and gives information for you clients. Your site could be anywhere in the world (US, Germany, China, UK, etc.) . If you want cheap and simple web hosting service you could use a shared that has some other sites with yours. This type of hosting has some restrictions, for example you have limitation storage. Good alternative of this service is to rent the Virtual Private Server. VPS has more powerful  server compared to shared hosting with personal system. And the main advantage is hosting in the cloud — the best option for web hosting now.

There are the differences between virtual server hosting and usual web hostings:

  1. — Accessibility
    A shared hosting was the best choice for your website in past. Virtual Server changed the situation. Pay only for using additions. You can feel free if you want to upgrade your plan. And of course it’s scalable. WIth cloud hosting you can choose the options for best working your site.
  2. — Reliability
    You can keep calm confident because your data will be in safety on a VPS server. There is no chance to lose you content because it situated on two or more hard drives. If one drive has a problem there isn’t  the same in the VPS cloud. Your data can back up.
  3. — Rapidity
    There is nothing worse than a slow site. You will be lose your customers in such case, because your competitors have a faster websites. That’s why we recommend virtual server to you, which has a high speed. And all recourse on your website will be run faster.

For online business the best choice is VPS cloud hosting, because it’s safe, cheap and with different helpful option. One of advantage is adapt all recourses without breaking down and defence. Usual servers such as shared or unshared don’t have these advantages but the VPS has.

Here are the Cloud Virtual Private Server Models:

  • — Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) — in this model the host gives to clients services and resources with technical services. Customers can control  technical side and use of applications, but sometimes have restricted control of host firewalls.
  • — Platform as a service (PaaS) — the customer can develop software and it’s responsible for configuration settings.
  • — Software as a Service (SaaS) — hosts gives and assistances services. The client doesn’t have access to networks, servers, storage and also to applications.
  • — Deployment Models:
    • 1. Private Cloud (for one company).
    • 2. Public Cloud (could be managed by any other companies on server).
    • 3. Hybrid Cloud.

Windows VPS Cloud Hosting

What is Windows Virtual Cloud Hosting? This kind of hosting can provide you with a editable virtual machine. Clients can install and manage their own software at any computer, because it is not dedicated. A Windows VPS Server can be synchronized between many customers. That’s why it is cheaper than using a dedicated server. It gives you all features and permits you to work on Linux and Windows VMs in the cloud.

You can choose these characteristics on the Windows VM:

  • — VM Name.
  • — VM Processor Allocation.
  • — VM Memory Allocation.
  • — Virtual Hard Disk Size and Location.
  • — Virtual Network Connection.

And you can create your VM with Microsoft software after choosing these characteristics.

Advantages of Windows VPS:

  • — Smart using of resources.
  • — Possibility of optimizing your resources.
  • — Server never goes down.
  • — Easy configuration with cPanel.
  • — Fast and easy upgrade and downgrade to cheap plan.

Linux VPS Cloud Hosting

If you want to edit all your data, to have full access on your server Linux VPS is the best choice. And Cloud Virtual Server is the best choice nowadays. There are benefits of Linux OS:

  1. — Price: If your business has limited budget, a cheap Linux VPS is for you. This server is supporting by somebody on the other side who takes all outlays. And provider has possibilities of keeping costs low.
  2. — Reliability: Linux servers are open and ddos protected that’s why they has a high reliable. And You can be sure in safety about your data and all information. All operation with backup could be done by hosting company that it gives you a possibility of saving your own time.
  3. — Scalability: If you want to add servers or SSD storage there is very easy with Linux OS on the cloud and you doesn’t overplay. And finally, if you think to transfer to a dedicated server you can do it without any problems.

If you want a fast and cheap ddos protected vps hosting the best choice is to order Linux Cloud Virtual Private Server. You will get a full access to edit and optimize your data and information. There are a lot of positive feedbacks from users which are very happy in using it.