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VPS Hosting | Your Own Linux VPS Servers With cPanel
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Vpshostingpromo.com is a website that helps to get your business online. Only the best VPS hosting plans to choose from and get started with a click of a button. Please read the brief compilation of the services that we provide.

VPS hosting as it is or how can you use it?

No doubt that everybody knows what is hosting, so just a quick reminder before we kick off. Simply put, hosting is about a physical server provided for rental by hosters. Anyone can order a whole server or just a part of its resources for some time. That’s why we talk about the following primary types of hosting services:

  • shared;
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS);
  • dedicated server.

Vpshostingpromo.com offers VPS server rental because it’s a perfect solution for beginners as well as for users, who have already gained some experience.

Here is something that you can get from the service:

  • resources at your disposal – virtualization technology used for creating virtual servers makes it possible to take all the best from real dedicated servers. You can count on your share of resources in any time, just don’t forget to make a regular payment;
  • manageable price – that is the reason, why VPS is a great choice for starting a new project. Most definitely, you won’t be able to tell the difference if you have a possibility to compare real dedicated server with a virtual one. However, there is quite a noticeable gap in monthly fees and that can be hardly overlooked.

There are two major types of the VPS hosting that you will definitely stumble upon while looking for the best offer. There are:

  • Windows VPS – stick to it, if Microsoft has something for you;
  • Linux VPS – open source software has its winning ways.

Pick your side with Windows or Linux VPS

Now, we will figure out what exactly each type has to offer. Windows VPS hosting has the following top options for you amongst huge variety of features:

  • feel yourself like home, while working with your virtual server is quite similar to administrating your home computer;
  • your favorite Windows GUI right from the start, no command line and a PC mouse for your convenience;
  • access your files and documents easily with RDP. It’s also possible to set a multi-user solution for your team;
  • ideal for programs designed for Windows. Test, develop and deploy right away.
  • And if you are not impressed with Microsoft here comes Linux VPS hosting options:
  • Linux is just a common name, containing a number of operating systems like Debian, Ubuntu, Centos. Choose your flavor and get a system tweaked for your tasks;
  • quite moderate requirements to RAM pave the way to reduced fees and better performance in general;
  • set administrative rules, create groups and new users using reliable Secure SHell (SSH) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocols;
  • in case it’s not enough for you, preinstalled control panels (can be ordered right from the start) will make your life much easier.

There are another few things that should be considered if you really want to find a virtual private server that will satisfy all the needs of your project on a long run.

What does it take to get the best VPS hosting?

Making a right choice whether in business or everyday life is mostly about compromises and a balance. Sure, it is mostly about money and prices are to be considered, but try to think future. Cheap, but not working VPS service probably is not a good decision. Here are some general recommendations to get a balanced solution for your online project:

  • uptime – make sure that it’s truly more than 99%. Keep your project online and make it work;
  • server equipment – good virtual server is comprised by reliable HW and intelligent virtualization system. Cheap VPS doesn’t fall from the sky, apparently whether HW or virtualization part of the equation is a poor one. In some cases, it might be enough for the start, but it won’t take you far. Either way, it is better to know what you get;
  • data centers – it is a good idea to get as near to your online users as possible. While choosing a hosting provider, take a closer look to the Points of Presence. Nowadays most hosters partner with DCs both in the USA and Europe. Information about data centers is often available, so take a glance to get a general impression;
  • special options – sometimes good enough is not enough indeed, that’s when additional, specialized offers step in. For example, cPanel VPS or DDOS protected VPS might feat your project best at the time. Anyway, if you have some special demands starting off with a general hosting plan might be not so reasonable. You could save a few bucks at first, but eventually, it won’t be performing the way it really should;
  • Rent a VPS server with vpshostingpromo.com and you won’t regret it! Check out our discounts and special offers and tell your friends!

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